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Elf On The Shelf Loves #JacksonvilleAR

We know pretty much everyone loves #JacksonvilleAR right?  Well it turns out that our Elf On The Shelf Loves #JacksonvilleAR too!  Our Elf (Red) made his initial appearance this morning lounging on what we can only assume is someone’s desk. We quickly started wondering how many other Elfs are out there are showing their love for #JacksonvilleAR?

We bet there are a lot, so let’s make a game of it!  The best place to play a photo related game is on Facebook! So, let’s get started!  The details of the game are simple.  We want to see a photo of your Elf On The Shelf showing his or her love for #JacksonvilleAR.  Be creative!  Businesses are encouraged to participate too so go ahead and take a picture of your elf at your business.  Email either a photo or tag the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce in your picture, to by Dec. 23rd at 5:00 pm CST to be added to the Elf on The Shelf Loves JacksonvilleAR Photo Album on the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. Your photo should depict your elf enjoying his or her adventures in #JacksonvilleAR.  Use Hastag #JacksonvilleAR. Be creative and have fun but please keep your photos in good taste as we are extremely family friendly!  We’ll share or upload your photos to our Elf On the Shelf Loves JacksonvilleAR Photo Album on the Chamber Facebook Page. Visit our page frequently to “like” your favorite picture(s).   

The fine print (there’s always fine print):  The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to end this game or change it’s rules at any time.  We also reserve the right to refuse to publish a photo we feel is not in good taste or does not reflect the spirit of the game or the values of our audience.  Your photo must appear on the The Elf on The Shelf Loves JacksonvilleAR Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page.  To appear on the The Elf On The Shelf Loves #JacksonvilleAR you can email your photo or the link to your photo by Dec. 23rd at 5pm CST.   

So that’s it!  We hope you have fun playing our Facebook Elf On the Shelf Loves #JacksonvilleAR game and look forward to seeing all your fabulous photos.  If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email Happy Uploading and Happy Holidays from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce!

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